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From Moshe Yudkowsky <>
Subject better workaround for unadorned HTML?
Date Sun, 23 Oct 2005 16:53:39 GMT

I notice that in 0.7, all the files in what would be the 
"raw-content-dir" 0.5.1 directories are actually copied over during 
processing. For example, take this index.html file, which includes 

> Copying /home/moshe/web/disaggregate/site/src/documentation/content/bkauthors/index.html
to /home/moshe/web/disaggregate/site/tmp/builds/disaggregate/bkauthors/index.html

If there's another copy in project.content-dir, e.g., in the correct 
xdocs subdirectory, then it's adorned and replaces the previous copied 
file. Unfortunately, framesets aren't processed by forrest, and what I 
get is a blank file.

My workaround is to keep this file only in the raw-content-dir 
directory, and creating an <external> site entry in site.xml:

<bkauthors-webring href="">
	<index href="index.html"/>
	<welcome href="webrings/welcome.html"/>
	<control href="webrings/control.html"/>

I then reference that site as an ext: when I want to link to it.

Two questions arise:

(1) Is it possible to use a relative pathname in the <external> 
declaration, above? When I try it, I get an error.

(2) Is there some other workaround? What would work best, I expect, is a 
method to mark particular files as "do not adorn." I believe that it's 
possible... it'd be nice to have it as a flag in the file itself, but I 
suspect that it's possible via a filename and sitemap change, such as 
"index.html.noadorn" becoming "index.html".

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