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From Moshe Yudkowsky <>
Subject Re: Conversion of "raw" html stops in mid-file w/o error message
Date Sun, 23 Oct 2005 13:31:20 GMT
Ross notes:

  >Lke we said, if it is a problem to you then feel free to provide a patch
  >> to the html2document.xsl stylesheet.

David comments:

  > It is not that we are deliberatley enforcing that.
  > If you can devise a method to handle such tag soup,
  > then we will gladly apply the patch.

Thanks for the information.

I will try to look at this issue, I think.

Actually, a higher-priority item for me would be the silent failure. I
didn't get any error messages; instead, the page was simply not
rendered, and if I hadn't been checking the pages to see what happened
under 0.7 I would never have noticed. I've now checked the rest of the
site and I've found other silent failures!

  >> We don't use html as an internal format because it lacks some needed
  >> structure for other processing. Outr internal structure is much closer
  >> to XHTML2 (in fact we will be moving to a ubset XHTML2 in some future
  >> release).

Thanks, I will be on the lookout.

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