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From Moshe Yudkowsky <>
Subject Re: skins to wrong directory in transition from 0.5 to 0.7
Date Sun, 23 Oct 2005 01:32:35 GMT
Ross, Thorsten,

Back online here. Let me summarize the current state of affairs. First, 
the relevant portion of the file:

# where content is located

# put the site in a tmp directory, otherwise it will be
# backed up, which is completely unnecessary!${}

# skins and plugins
# (known issue:  ought to be otherwise configurable)

(1) The problem with project.skins-dir occurs when I use an *absolute 
path name* for project.content-dir. In those instances, the output of 
the log says:

> check-skin:
> Unable to find dir /usr/local/share/forrest-current/main/webapp/skins/disaggregate
> Unable to find file /usr/local/share/forrest-current/main/webapp/skins/
> Unable to find dir home/moshe/web/disaggregate/site/src/documentation/skins/disaggregate

While at the same time, the forrest properties "echos" tell me that:

> | //where to put the result
> |    = /home/moshe/web/disaggregate/site/tmp/builds/disaggregate

In other words, absolute pathnames work for some project properties, and 
not for others.

When I change project.content-dir to a relative path name:


Then I have no problem with project.skins-dir and the build proceeds.

(2) project.plugins-dir isn't read. As you stated, this is a known 
problem, and I get around it by setting forrest.plugins-dir. Another way 
to get around this problem would be to seed forrest as root, once; 
that'd work for me, as a single user, but in a multi-site, multi-user 
system, as someone might specify a plugin and then require root to place 
it in the correct directory.

(3) raw-content-dir not working as expected. Thanks for the pointer to 
<>; I'd already 
seen that page.

However, finding the "raw-content-dir" variable in the seeded file led me to believe that it would do something; 
after examining main/targets/site.xml, I see that it doesn't actually 
work in 0.7. This is a non-issue -- I will move files in order to 
conform with the new regime, or modify site.xml if I can figure out how!

(4) Thorsten asked if I used a package manager. I installed this package 
via Debian's package manager. I maintain the site itself in my /home 
directory, and build it using my non-root login; that causes me to bump 
into the issues I've outlined. I will keep my eye on 0.8. Thorsten is 
also correct that putting this in user space creates multiple copies of 
the plugins.

Thank you, everyone, for your patience and help.

If there are user-contributed doc pages anywhere, such as a Wiki, I'll 
document these "gotchas" there.

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