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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: forrest server
Date Thu, 06 Oct 2005 11:51:36 GMT
arthur thompson wrote:
> can someone give me an idea of where i can go to get
> my forrest site served on the public internet.
> i don't expect the serving to be free but i don't know
> where i should start looking.

Since Forrest can generate all your content as a static site you can 
host Forrest generated sites with any host, there are no special 
requriements. Simply do "forrest site" and upload all the files in 
PROJECT_HOME/build/site to your chosen ISP.

Since you are teacher you may like to consider using an LCMS for your 
hosting. You then get all the benefits of the Forrest publication engine 
*and* student management facilities in the LCMS. For this you need a 
host that provides a suitable LCMS framework. I'm not sure of any other 
than the one mentioned below, but I am sure they exist.

I run a small ISP that provides hosting for both standard sites and LCMS 
hosting for educators. If you want to explore *my* services further 
please contact me offline. I'm hapy to help you as a Forrest user onlist 
if you choose another provider though, like I said, you can pick anyone 
- including the free ones.


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