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From Bryan Albright <>
Subject Re: Static Site generation question...
Date Fri, 21 Oct 2005 17:25:23 GMT

Thanks for your reply.  My comments are in-line.

On 10/21/05 at 05:20PM, Ross Gardler wrote:
> Bryan Albright wrote:
> >How long does it normally take to build a static site?  
> >
> >I've just installed the "apache-forrest-0.7" package on a FreeBSD
> >5.4-STABLE machine.
> >
> >I've had a "forrest site" running for over an hour, and it seems to
> >hang just after the [5/26] ... index.pdf line.
> errr... a lot less than an hour ;-)
> Depends on your machine etc. but our complete forrest site (0.8) on my 
> paltry laptop takes 5 mins 25 seconds for a site size of 8,279,006 and 
> 357 pages.

My machine is an Athlon XP 2100+, with 512 MB of memory.  I don't
think it should take that long to do the "plain vanilla" generate a
site with forrest, which is why I'm asking around.  /-:

> >Here's what I've done to try to get it working:
> >% mkdir tmp
> >% cd tmp
> >% forrest seed
> >% forrest run &
> >% forrest site
> Why are you running forrest as a process and then building the site?

Well, I tried to do just a 
% mkdir tmp
% cd tmp
% forrest seed
% forrest sitei

but it hung at the same point.  So I tried using the "user-friendly"
steps found on the site, but to no effect.

> Have you tried just doing forrest site? There may be some strange 
> interaction thing going on here (although I can't think what)
> >The only error (I think) I'm getting is:
> >Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM warning: Can't detect initial thread stack 
> >location
> I've never seen that, perhaps the "strange interaction" thing I refer 
> to, but I doubt it since building starts.
> This is a very strange one, I've never heard of anything like it. 
> Perhaps someone else has ideas too.

Is there any way to get more debug information?  I've found the
build/webapp/WEB-INF/logs directory, but they don't tell too much.



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