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Subject Re: directory listing & batch file invocation
Date Fri, 09 Sep 2005 16:14:42 GMT
OK, after looking at the examples and the Coccon wiki page for the 
DirectoryGenerator, I got my directory listing to somewhat work.  Here is 
the my basic sitemap.xmap entry:

      <map:pipeline internal-only="false">
         <map:match pattern="**/defaultbuilddir.html">
           <map:generate type="directory" src="d://builds">
           <map:parameter name="depth" value="2"/>
src="{project:resources.stylesheets}/dir2html.xsl" />
           <map:serialize type="xml"/>

The xsl is basically the stylesheet from the Cocoon wiki.  It converts the 
directory listings to html tags.  The problems I am having with it are:

1.  The raw html tags are being displayed.  I thought I saw a FAQ on this 
somewhere, but I could not find it again.  I also tried the html 
serializer, but I got a DTD error.
2.  I am losing the rest of the Forrest site (tabs, menus, etc.).  I think 
I have to aggregate this, correct?  Any pointers?

Also, I'm still working on implementing the full Jetty server.


David Crossley <> wrote on 09/02/2005 10:10:32 AM:

> wrote:
> > I'm using Forrest 0.6 to migrate off of a plain old apache server.  I 
> > most of the site replicated.  The only remaining issues are:
> Any reason for 0.6 ? You would be better of start a new
> application with 0.7 version. Anyway ...
> > 1.  I need a directory listing of a path outside of the web app.  I 
> > using the Directory Generator, but quite honestly, I have no idea how 
> > implement it.  Anyone have it set up already and can send me some 
> and you can probably find other stuff at
> There are a couple of examples in Forrest
> cd forrest_06_branch/src/core/context
> grep directory *.xmap
> > 2.  I need to call a batch file from a link.  I was using cgi-bin to 
> > this, but I can't find a similar function in Forrest (I don't think 
> > is one).  I saw a post about redirecting to an apache web server, but 
> > can't do that as I am removing the plain apache server.  The batch 
> > only created a zip of a couple of directories so I was trying to use 
> > Zip serializer, but again, I'm having some issues.
> Are you using a full Jetty as the servlet container
> for your forrest webapp. It can run cgi programs,
> so probably can Tomcat.
> I have never used the Cocoon ZipArchiveSerializer,
> but i gather that you would construct a pipeline in
> your project sitemap that generates an xml document
> in the format shown, then finish that with the serializer.
> -David

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