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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: how to use own xml format and own xslt?
Date Thu, 29 Sep 2005 22:39:05 GMT
Miroslav Mocek wrote:
> I've looked at the simpler way and if I understand correctly, it means, 
> that
> - my XML document will be processed into HTML (by my existing stylesheets).
> - then it will be processed by forrest stylesheets into "document" 
> format and
> - then other forrest stylesheets recreate the final HTML.
> How does look like the final HTML?

It is a cleaned version of the HTML. Cleaned in the sense that content 
with no equivalent in XDoc will have gone.

> It's the menus and navigation items 
> all around and somewhere inside is my original HTML (everything from 
> body element, probably) as it was before?


> What about my own CSS, which is referenced from the original HTML?

This will no longer be referenced, but the HTML produced will still have 
the classes defined (at least I think this is the case, comeone may 
correct me - conduct tests before going too far down the line).

You can place the CSS in the extra-css section of skinconf.xml

> Will 
> it be included? What about colisions in names?

There is no provision to handle name collissions. You would have to 
resolve these in your stylesheets. The new views technology solves this 
problem, but that is development stuff so you may not want to use it.


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