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From Miroslav Mocek <>
Subject Re: how to use own xml format and own xslt?
Date Thu, 29 Sep 2005 21:35:58 GMT
I've looked at the simpler way and if I understand correctly, it means, 

- my XML document will be processed into HTML (by my existing stylesheets).
- then it will be processed by forrest stylesheets into "document" 
format and
- then other forrest stylesheets recreate the final HTML.

How does look like the final HTML? It's the menus and navigation items 
all around and somewhere inside is my original HTML (everything from 
body element, probably) as it was before? If this is true, I would try it.
What about my own CSS, which is referenced from the original HTML? Will 
it be included? What about colisions in names?

Thanks for suggestions,

Ross Gardler wrote:

> Miroslav Mocek wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I have a set of XML files, in my own vocabulary (with schema), I have 
>> appropriate XSLT, which converts the XML sources to HTML files. It 
>> creates also the indexes. I have my own easy commandline, which 
>> creates the site.
>> Now I would like to switch my commandline with more robust (I 
>> believe) and more featured forrest. Is it possible?
>> How can I customize forrest to accept my own XML schemas and XSLT 
>> templates to use them and produce HTML in right place?
> The most robust way would be to build an input plugin that handles 
> your custom schema. We provide an html2document.xsl that will convert 
> your HTML to XDoc for internal processing (assuming they create well 
> formed HTML).
> Alternatively, you can just add support in a single project by 
> following the instructions at 
> (again you will want to use our html2document.xsl to leverage your 
> HTML output.
> Ross

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