I thought of Forrest as a collaborative environment,

If i am not wrong, WebDAV is a protocol with which i can transfer data, web content, etc, with an editor enabled to do so, transferring with the WebDAV protocol.

Locationmap is for  presenting all of the content in different languages isn't it ?

thank you

2005/8/22, David Crossley <crossley@apache.org>:
Hugo Osorio wrote:
> What communication protocol should i use, in order to transfer the content
> from another machine in a LAN to the server where my forrest-project is?
> thank you

Sorry,  i don't understand your question.

If you are using the development version of Forrest
(0.8-dev) then see the "locationmap". Use the google
search facility at forrest.apache.org site.

However, i don't know if that answers the question.