Thank you for your response !

so, is there another option?, i am afraid of facing a release which is in development, i need something quick and easy.. i am building an intranet, I need people easily to put data/content onto the server, in order to be published for our 'local area network' only

The environment for this, i suppose, is Forrest CMS in this case, Cocoon the basis, Tomcat, but, i need to have cleared how people can put their own content on the forrest-project (which is in another machine (FreeBSD)) by themselves.

thank you for your guidance, it is quite valuable

2005/8/16, Ross Gardler <>:
Hugo Osorio wrote:
> Hello.
> somebody please can give me an orientation
> is it proper using Forrest with Slide Jakarta? am i well oriented at the
> idea of having both of them for an intranet environment, i have forrest
> installed on a FreeBSD platform, working with tomcat, i have understood
> that i need Jakarta in order to people can put an remove data on/from
> the "server" Forrest via Slide which support WebDAV protocol...

In order to have Forrest retrieve its content from a slide repository
(or any repository other than the local filesystem) you will need to use
  the 0.8-dev version of Forrest. this includes a new facility called
the locationmap ( )

This code works and has been tested with a slide repository, but is not
yet in a released verion of Forrest so you'll need to work with SVN or
one of our nightly snapshots.