I'm sorry, i dont understand much...
what do you need to contact the manteiner for ?
I have successfully installed the port, unsetting the variable JAVA_HOME, and afterwards I have set it back...
now I deal with Forrest in order to set it as a webapp and make it runnable on Tomcat
i guess i will be asking for help soon

2005/8/4, David Crossley <crossley@apache.org>:
Hugo Osorio wrote:
> hello, thank you very much...
> it remains a doubt in my mind, if Forrest does not use make and friends, why
> freebsd has a port for this application?
> here is what i did.., i have found a port for FreeBSD, i guess it fits
> better to the system...

Oh dear, that is what i was worried about. How do we find the
maintainer of that port?