hello, thank you very much...

it remains a doubt in my mind, if Forrest does not use make and friends, why freebsd has a port for this application?

here is what i did.., i have found a port for FreeBSD, i guess it fits better to the system...

I deactivated the enviroment variable JAVA_HOME by
#unsetenv JAVA_HOME

I guess the only thing i have to do is to set back the variable.. by #setenv JAVA_HOME /path/to/java

Total time: 4 seconds


  Set the environment variable:


  and add ${FORREST_HOME}/bin to your PATH.

  To build a site:

      1)  $ mkdir mysite; cd mysite
      2)  $ forrest seed
      3)  $ forrest
      4)  see results in ./build/site/index.html with your web browser

  To avoid any issue with old classes being loaded, run a 'forrest clean'
  in your project directory, after you upgraded to this version (0.7)

===>   Registering installation for apache-forrest-0.7

2005/8/3, David Crossley <crossley@apache.org>:
Diwaker Gupta wrote:
> Hugo Osorio wrote:
> > /usr/ports/www/apache-forrest
> Is there a particular reason for this choice of directory? Just curious...
> > #make
> This will *not* work. Please go through the README.txt file in the base
> directory first. Here's an excerpt:
> "Installation Instructions and Documentation
> -------------------------------------------
> Read the index.html file in this directory for the installation instructions.
> The documentation relevant for your version is included with Forrest.
> The Forrest website has documentation for the current development version."
> Forrest doesn't use make and friends. It uses Ant as its build system. The
> distribution is self contained -- you only need Java installed. In most
> cases, you should be able to:
> $ cd $FORREST_HOME/main
> $ ./build.sh

The distribution of forrest-0.7 is pre-built, so the user
does not even need to do that.