Ah! I see, My IDE is not allowing it, checking the 2.0 dtd and not letting me save, thinking it is not properly formatted. I'll have to work around that. THanks!!!!!!


Ross Gardler wrote:
Helena Edelson wrote:
Just tested this:

doesn't accept target param in formats:

<a class="fork" href="../index.html"> <../index.html>
<a class="jump" href="../index.html"> <../index.html>
for Document V2.0.
This is key for branding one site and offering a link to another while not directing user off the original site.

I don't understand your problem. I thought you originally you said you want to create an <a> link with target="_blank" in your output.

The above page describes exactly how to do that. If you look at the generated source for this page you will see that <a class="fork" href="../index.html"> in the input XDoc gets translated to <a target="_blank" class="fork" href="../index.html"> in the output HTML.

Isn't this what you want? If not please explain exactly what your problem is because I must have misunderstood your problem.