THanks! I spend quite a lot of time on the xsl pages, the css and site2xhtml and renderlogo pages. I have run into some frustrating things that I'm hoping will change soon, things affecting branding like links needing a target="_blank" but generally this is a very powerful framework and I see great potential in what I can do with it. I can re-code some of the back-end and leverage all the superb work all the developers have done. It's truly very cool. Am excited to plug lenya into it for a new site I am building for a client. It's so easy to test with in jetty and deploy on tomcat. the modularity makes my changes highly efficient. love that.


Ferdinand Soethe wrote:
Helena Edelson wrote:

 I think Forrest is pretty sweet.

I think you have added quite a bit of sweetness to it. Seriously, I
think these sites look pretty cool and are an
excellent example of how much you can do with Forrest.

How much time did you spend on customizing the skins?

Ferdinand Soethe