In my opinion, Forrest would be much more useful as a module.  Despite what the Forrest website says, I can’t understand how Forrest can be used for dynamic pages.  Making it a module would allow this.  That would make a lot more sense than having to run Forrest every time you update the site, especially if you’re not running Forrest on the server.  At first I thought Forrest would be something like that, but it took me a while to realize, to my dismay, that it wasn’t.  Having Forrest as a module would also increase functionality with server-site scripting like PHP.  That way, PHP could produce Forrest-compatible code, and then Forrest would process it.  Is there any effort being made toward this?  And is there a reason that it wasn’t developed like a module or CGI in the first place?  Excuse me if something of this topic has been posted before.



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