Note that target="_blank" is deprecated and will invalidate any xhtml.
It is a decision of the W3C that target="_blank" is not used because
it breaks the 'back' button in the browser and is a handicap for
both visually and physically disabled users. It is much better to provide
an explanation somewhere that the user is leaving the main site, usually
this can be done in the alt and title tags of the link. This gives the
user the option of right click > open in new window if they want to.
Using something like
<a rel="external" href="" alt="external link" title="you are now leaving">someothersite</a>
might be better.
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From: Helena Edelson
Sent: Tuesday, August 30, 2005 3:52 AM
Subject: Re: target="_blank" and other <a> tricks (Re: New Forrest site to add to list!)

Ah! I see, My IDE is not allowing it, checking the 2.0 dtd and not letting me save, thinking it is not properly formatted. I'll have to work around that. THanks!!!!!!


Ross Gardler wrote:
Helena Edelson wrote:
Just tested this:

doesn't accept target param in formats:

<a class="fork" href="../index.html"> <../index.html>
<a class="jump" href="../index.html"> <../index.html>
for Document V2.0.
This is key for branding one site and offering a link to another while not directing user off the original site.

I don't understand your problem. I thought you originally you said you want to create an <a> link with target="_blank" in your output.

The above page describes exactly how to do that. If you look at the generated source for this page you will see that <a class="fork" href="../index.html"> in the input XDoc gets translated to <a target="_blank" class="fork" href="../index.html"> in the output HTML.

Isn't this what you want? If not please explain exactly what your problem is because I must have misunderstood your problem.


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