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From "Alan Chandler" <>
Subject Re: Problem installing eclipse plugin
Date Wed, 17 Aug 2005 11:59:26 GMT
Ross Gardler writes: 

> Alan Chandler wrote:
>> I am following the instructions for installing the eclipse pluging in the 
>> readme.txt file inside the tools/eclipse/plugins/org.apache.forrest 
>> directory. 
>> The first issue arises when I come to import the existing project into 
>> eclipse.  Instead of just the plugin, there are other projects to import. 
>> The readme makes no mention of them.
> Thanks, for the heads up, we'll update that.

But do I need to import them or not? 

>> Regardless, if I import them or not the actual forrestplugin project has 
>> the following errors 
>> Can't resolve these 
>>  org.eclipse.wst.internet.webbrowser,
> Have you installed WTP? Have you installed the prerequisites for WTP?

Yes - I have WTP installed for a few days now, using it on a tapestry 
project that I am working on.  It works fine. 

> To check do the following: 
> start eclipse with forrest -clean to force eclipse to reload all plugins 
> (need only do this once) 
> Help -> Software Updates -> Manage COnfiguration 
> Make sure the "Show disabled features" button is pressed (third from left 
> on toolbar) 
> Expand the tree 
> Are any of your plugins disabled? That is do they show a little red "no 
> entry" sign on thier icon. If they are have a look at the status of those 
> plugins to see why.

I can't check right now, because this is all at home on linux, and I am at 
work using web mail to access my mail on a windows machine, but I am pretty 
certain that I don't have any disabled.  As I said above, I have been using 
wtp already without forrest for doing some development in tapestry.  It all 
seems to work. 

I just discovered forrest, and can see that it out to help me create my 
tapestry templates.  Hence the desire to load this plugin. 


>>  org.apache.forrest.eclipse.servletEngine
> This is one of the projects you must import into your workspace. Do you 
> have it? (it's in our SVN)

OK I must have it, I downloaded the whole of the forrest trunk with svn 

Do these projects cross relate to each other in the dependancies? 

>> src/org/apache/forrest/eclipse/job/ 
>> Can't resolve the following import statelments 
>> import org.apache.forrest.eclipse.servletEngine.Jetty;
>> import org.apache.forrest.eclipse.servletEngine.Server;
>> import org.eclipse.wst.internet.webbrowser.internal.Trace;
>> import org.eclipse.wst.internet.webbrowser.internal.WebBrowserUIPlugin;
> These will go away when you solve the above issues. 
>> I actually set up wtp all in one package (includes eclipse and wtp all 
>> together), and all the other prerequisits mentioned seem also to be 
>> installed.  So what am I missing?
> What do you mean you got one package for Eclipse + WTP? Can you point me 
> to the lcoation you downloaded this? I'm not aware of such a package. 
> In my experience WTP is very much dependant on specific versions of its 
> pre-requisites, it is important to ensure you have the exact versions they 
> specifiy on their downloads page. 

Its a bit difficult to get the right url, because the actual page that shows 
the downloads seems have embedded frames which are dynamically created 
depended on when they make a snapshot.  However, I _think_ this works 

to get you the particular embedded frame.  The normal approach to getting to 
this page is to go to, and follow the download links for wtp 
and select the 0.7 release. 

On this page you will see varying options for the wtp tools.  The first one 
is the all-in-one package that should also contain all the pre requisites.  
This is the version that I downloaded (linux version) and set up.  This is 
the one that I have been using already to create my tapestry projects with 


Alan Chandler 

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