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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: resume plugin with dtdx plugin
Date Fri, 26 Aug 2005 11:42:56 GMT
Kevin wrote:
> I like the resume plugin and it's collation of skillsets from
> a team. Is there a simple way of presenting one resume without
> using the team directory structure?

In 0.7 I am afraid not. However, in 0.8-dev, it is possible to change 
the directory structure used (although it is a bit of a hack at present).

If you need to work with 0.7 then you can hack a solution by editing 
"input.xmap" in the resume plugin and changing the name of the directory 
being used for the resumes. However, all resumes must appear in the same 
directory because we use the directoryGenerator to bring together all 
the documents.

An less "hacky" solution would be to write a custom generator, but that 
response is beyond the scope of the user list, we'll advise on the dev 
list if you want to go that way.

(your other questions seem well covered in Davids response)


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