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From Anil Ramnanan <>
Subject Re: errors building tools eclipse plugin
Date Thu, 25 Aug 2005 13:38:48 GMT
Kevin wrote:

>I'm getting errors building tools/eclipse/plugins
>I've installed eclipse 3.1 (the all in one package)
I have not tried that all in one package. I will download it and see if 
I can duplicate your errors.

>Question - Is there a way to just do an equivalent svn update from
>eclipse? I had to do a checkout as project again and delete the original
>to check I had the latest files.
Within Eclipse, right click on the project, click on Team->Update. Do 
that for each of the projects that you have checked out.

>Question - I do svn update in my forrest install area so can I import
>the relevant files into eclipse from there without using subclipse?
Yes, go to File->Import, select "Existing Projects into Workspace" and  
click on next.
Now, choose select root directory as FORREST_HOME/tools/eclipse and 
under projects you will see a list of the plugins. Check off the ones 
you want to import and click on finish.

>I'm doing something very wrong here can anyone help?
>I get lots of errors building the servletEngine too so I must have
>a major config problem.
I suggest that you try importing the the plugins without using subclipse 
and see if that works. I'll try to see if I can duplicate the errors here.


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