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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Problem installing eclipse plugin
Date Wed, 17 Aug 2005 23:13:46 GMT
Alan Chandler wrote:
> On Wednesday 17 Aug 2005 17:35, Ross Gardler wrote:
>>Alan Chandler wrote:
>>>Ross Gardler writes:
>>>>Alan Chandler wrote:
>>>>>I am following the instructions for installing the eclipse pluging in
>>>>>the readme.txt file inside the
>>>>>tools/eclipse/plugins/org.apache.forrest directory.
>>OK I've updated and clarified the instructions (I hope).
> A couple of minor niggles with readme.txt that I noticed
> a) The svn url quoted in the text is https.  I assume committers use that, and 
> the general riff raff like myself are supposed to use http.  I would have 
> thought the url should be the http version

correct, thanks

> b) The heading Seotting Up Eclipse is spelt wrong

I type too fast you'll fid that all the time in my docs ;-)

> c) In Verifying the Installation you have a bullet point that starts
> - You should see the following fields enabled ( ...
> There is no closing bracket, and there are no following features in your 
> text.  :-(  . 

Ooops, obviously rushing a little.

Thanks for the info, I'm fixing them now.

I guess this means that you got it to work though?

As you probably know this is alpha quality at the moment, there are some 
pretty major thngs missing (like the ability to edit the properties of 
nodes i the site.xml file after they have been added, but it is pretty 
useful all the same).

Update your SVN every couple of weeks this is under heqvy development 
right now (and of course patches are most welcome to docs and/or code).



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