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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Problem installing eclipse plugin
Date Wed, 17 Aug 2005 11:14:19 GMT
Alan Chandler wrote:
> I am following the instructions for installing the eclipse pluging in the 
> readme.txt file inside the tools/eclipse/plugins/org.apache.forrest 
> directory.
> The first issue arises when I come to import the existing project into 
> eclipse.  Instead of just the plugin, there are other projects to import.  
> The readme makes no mention of them.

Thanks, for the heads up, we'll update that.

> Regardless, if I import them or not the actual forrestplugin project has the 
> following errors
> Can't resolve these
>  org.eclipse.wst.internet.webbrowser,

Have you installed WTP? Have you installed the prerequisites for WTP?

To check do the following:

start eclipse with forrest -clean to force eclipse to reload all plugins 
(need only do this once)

Help -> Software Updates -> Manage COnfiguration

Make sure the "Show disabled features" button is pressed (third from 
left on toolbar)

Expand the tree

Are any of your plugins disabled? That is do they show a little red "no 
entry" sign on thier icon. If they are have a look at the status of 
those plugins to see why.

>  org.apache.forrest.eclipse.servletEngine

This is one of the projects you must import into your workspace. Do you 
have it? (it's in our SVN)

> src/org/apache/forrest/eclipse/job/
> Can't resolve the following import statelments
> import org.apache.forrest.eclipse.servletEngine.Jetty;
> import org.apache.forrest.eclipse.servletEngine.Server;
> import org.eclipse.wst.internet.webbrowser.internal.Trace;
> import org.eclipse.wst.internet.webbrowser.internal.WebBrowserUIPlugin;

These will go away when you solve the above issues.

> I actually set up wtp all in one package (includes eclipse and wtp all 
> together), and all the other prerequisits mentioned seem also to be 
> installed.  So what am I missing?

What do you mean you got one package for Eclipse + WTP? Can you point me 
to the lcoation you downloaded this? I'm not aware of such a package.

In my experience WTP is very much dependant on specific versions of its 
pre-requisites, it is important to ensure you have the exact versions 
they specifiy on their downloads page.


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