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From Neil Troy <>
Subject Re: ugly tables in PDF files
Date Thu, 04 Aug 2005 16:45:53 GMT
vadim wrote:

>Hallo everybody,
>Do you know what is the reason to generate tables in PDF files of fixed
>width and fixed (probably hardcoded) column width? Tables look really
>ugly! Do you know if I can adjust something somewhere to get tables in
>PDF files to look better?
>Best regards, vadim tarassov.
Warning, this is at best a hack, at worst it is probably an amateurish 
and unprofessional thing to do. 

I needed to fix some tables quick.  Someone can correct me if I am 
mistaken, when your pages get processed, the maximum number of columns 
is found for your table, and then their width is set as the total width 
of the printable area divided by the number of columns. 

All my tables normally use the <th> tag at the top.  What I do is create 
a second row underneath this, and have 10 <th></th>, then I make sure 
all my <th>'s and <td>'s use the appropriate colspan.  This only gave me 
the granularity  of specifying within 10% width, but it gave me enough 
control to do what I needed.   Luckily the empty row of <th>'s is not 
noticeable depending on how your colors are configured.

There is probably a better way, using xslt, but I had to resort to this 
method for the short term.

Note I am using version 0.6 with document v20

Neil Troy

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