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From CFAS Webmaster <>
Subject Re: Help with new templates
Date Wed, 03 Aug 2005 00:28:32 GMT
Gav.... wrote:

>I was going to ask the question as I don't see it documented anywhere, how 
>anyone publish a forrest site to the web so it is available to all.
The way *I* do it is to run forrest from the root of the seeded tree, in 
my case in these emails it's .../cfas-new/, where you'll likely find the 
src/ directory. 

>I have an apache web server running so it is not a problem, just wondered if
>this project was meant for intranet use only or if porting to an ISP web 
>was possible or a future goal.
That's good.  What you'd want to do for a static site is give Apache 
access to the build/site directory under the seeded tree, eg. 
.../cfas-new/build/site/  There's probably an index.html file there that 
Apache will be happy to serve.

Another method is to copy the .../build/site/* tree into the web root of 
a server.


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