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From David Crossley <>
Subject simplified docbook plugin (Was: Forrest run works but forrest doesn't)
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2005 10:21:54 GMT
Phillip Evans wrote:
> >What do you mean by "edit styles"?
> Two things really. There are some aspects of the sdocbook conversion that
> don't seem to be handled well by sdocbook2document.xsl, but you are right, I
> don't know enough to make any beneficial changes there.> I really need a
> docbook2document.xsl in the longer term. I understand that there used to be
> one, but I can't seem to find it in the current release.

No there was not ever one. You can use the full docbook xsl
but that won't give you the Forrest navigation trimmings.

After we change Forrest to use XHTML2 at its core
(maybe next forrest version), then you would be able
to use the full docbook XSL to output XHTML, then Forrest
would apply the theming to that.

> By the way, forrest
> did not handle the sdocbook conversion until I moved
> 'sdocbook2document.xsl' to: 
> \site\src\documentation\resources\stylesheets\sdocbook2document.xsl
> It would skin blank pages until I moved that file.
> Is this due to a configuration error on my part?

Sorry i don't understand what you mean.

Have you declared the simplifiedDocbook plugin
in your file?

> The other aspect is editing the css, and that is made interesting through
> the Firefox plugin as described in the howto's.
> >I suggest waiting until you understand a bit more before trying to write
> documentation for others.
> Yes, you are right, but sometimes a bit of naivety can uncover some of the
> assumptions that us mere footsloggers get stuck on. After several days of
> struggle since starting from scratch, with very little to show for it, I was
> very close to giving the exercise up as being beyond my grasp. But now, I'm
> very happy with a usable result that I can fine-tune.

Ask questions before you reach that stage.


> Anyway, thank you for your assistance
> Phil

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