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From "Gav...." <>
Subject Re: deploy built website to your ISP (Was: Help with new templates)
Date Wed, 03 Aug 2005 10:53:45 GMT

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From: "David Crossley" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, August 03, 2005 9:20 AM
Subject: deploy built website to your ISP (Was: Help with new templates)

| When starting a new topic, please change the Subject.

Yep, no problem, apologies.

| > > | BTW there are some brave user to use them live. Diwaker is using 
them in
| > > | on his homepage. ;-)
| > > |
| > >
| > > Is this on Diwakers' own web server or public?
| If you see it with your web browser, then it is public.

Ok, slip of the keyboard there, I meant is the site published on
a private (Home) server or a public (ISP) one.

| > >I was going to ask the question as I don't see it
| > > documented anywhere, how does
| > >anyone publish a forrest site to the web so it
| > >is available to all.
| >
| > The way *I* do it is to run forrest from the root of the seeded tree, in
| > my case in these emails it's .../cfas-new/, where you'll likely find the
| > src/ directory.
| >
| > >I have an apache web server running so it is not a
| > > problem, just wondered if
| > >this project was meant for intranet use only or
| > > if porting to an ISP web space
| > >was possible or a future goal.
| >
| > That's good.  What you'd want to do for a static site is give Apache
| > access to the build/site directory under the seeded tree, eg.
| > .../cfas-new/build/site/  There's probably an index.html file there that
| > Apache will be happy to serve.
| That is very dangerous. If you break your forrest
| build in any way, then your live web server is broken.
| Much better to separate the concerns. Build your
| site in one place, then deploy it to the server.
| > Another method is to copy the .../build/site/* tree
| > into the web root of a server.
| Gav, i am confused by your question, so i will try
| to answer what i think the question is.
| You have an account with an ISP, which provides a
| special directory to place a set of documents for
| your website (called the document root).
| You have Forrest installed on your office desktop.
| cd to the top of your forrest site (which is
| where the file lives).
| Do 'forrest' which generates the documents into
| build/site directory.
| Now you need to deploy the contents of build/site
| onto your ISP's webserver. That will entirely
| depend on how your ISP provides you access.
| One way would be to do it manually.
| cd build/site
| tar cf mysite.tar *
| gzip *.tar
| ... use 'scp' or 'ftp' or whatever method that
| your ISP provides to put that file onto your webserver.
| Then log in to your server and uncompress the
| archive into the document root of your webserver.
| Your ISP might even enable you to use ftp or scp
| to deploy the files straight into your document root
| without the gzip and followup login step. Another
| way would be to use 'rsync'.

Thanks for the above, I have uploaded using FTP
and the site works fine. FYI I am using the latest
0.8-dev version.

| How to do these manual methods is beyond the
| scope of Forrest project.

No problem.

| The best way to deploy your generated website
| is to use "forrestbot":
| It has various different mechanisms for deployment.
| We use the "svn" deployment technique for the
| website. Our generated website
| is added to a Subversion repository, then on the
| server there is an outomated process which does
| cd to our document root, then 'svn update'.
| Forrestbot has other deployment methods such
| as ftp and scp, not yet using rsync but that
| would be possible to develop.

Sounds good, I will take a look at Forrestbot.

| Of course Forrest can also be used in dynamic mode.
| There are various ways to do this. One way is
| to cd to your forrest source top-level and do
| 'forrest war'. This creates a web application archive
| which you add to your ISP's servlet containers' webapps
| directory. (e.g. Tomcat or Jetty). How you do this
| is completely beyond the scope of the Forrest project.

I imagine, unless one is on first name terms with their ISP
that getting them to do that will be a bit blood/stone scenario,
I will set it up on my own server though and have a play.

In terms of 'dynamic' are we talking PHP style here, in replacement
of or in conjunction with? Such as grabbing content from a mySQL
database and using PHP to add it to web page(s).

Thanks for your help. Now I will get back to the validation problems.


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