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From Tim Williams <>
Subject Re: question about differences between versions of forrest
Date Wed, 20 Jul 2005 00:55:46 GMT
It sounds like your predecessor may have customized the sitemap
(broken pipelines) and maybe the skin?  Have you gone through the
0.5->0.6 upgrade then the 0.6->0.7 updgrade and are still having these
issues?  It looks like these two documents show how to bring old ways
of doing things (e.g. direct sitemap changing) to new ways (e.g.
plugin/project-level sitemap).  To your other question, it sounds like
you have "installed" it correctly just need to figure out what was
done and recreate it in 0.7.

Take a look at these:

Given your issues, you may want to pay particular attention to finding
a skin that is most like yours if it doesn't still exist and
investigate any local changes to the *.xmap (specifically looking for
a **.doc match?)


On 7/19/05, Paterline, David L. <> wrote:
> Hi - 
> I have been trying to recreate a web site previously created by someone who
> has left the company, and in doing so, noticed differences between the
> appearance of the site when generated by different versions of Forrest. I'd
> like to know if this is to be expected, or whether I have something wrong in
> my installation of Forrest. 
> The site was originally created by Forrest 0.5.1. I'm using the latest
> version, Forrest 0.7, in my latest builds. I couldn't understand why my
> latest build appeared differently, so I've built the site using the two
> versions of Forrest. I used Forrest 0.5.1 in the first build, and Forrest
> 0.7 in the next. I'm running both builds on Windows XP. 
> Some of the differences I see are: 
> - with Forrest 0.7, html appears in a smaller font, and 
> - with Forrest 0.7, the "Font size: -a +a Reset" feature doesn't appear-
> with Forrest 0.7, the corners on the tabs of my index.html page have black
> squares and are not rounded 
> - with Forrest 0.5.1, colored bars appear below section titles, in 0.7, they
> don't 
> - with Forrest 0.7, the PDF files contents are not centered in the file,
> they butt against the left edge of the 'page' 
> - with Forrest 0.7, I get a lot of error messages like "BROKEN: No pipeline
> matched request: rpa_docs/RPA_User_Note_2.doc" that don't appear in the
> Forrest 0.5.1 log 
> These are the main things I notice, but there may be more. 
> This leads me to question whether I have installed Forrest 0.7 correctly, or
> whether there may be some plugins or addins that need to be installed along
> with 0.7. Or, am I way off here, and there is something else at play? 
> In general, the site build with 0.5.1 looks better, and I would like to be
> able to reproduce the appearance using the latest version of Forrest. 
> Appreciate any suggestions or explanations. 
> Thanks. 
> - 
> David L. Paterline 
> Principal Engineer       
> Westinghouse Electric Company 
> Nuclear Fuel Engineering 
> Engineering Computing 
> PH: 412-374-2286 
> FX: 412-374-2284

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