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From CFAS Webmaster <>
Subject Help with new templates
Date Mon, 01 Aug 2005 01:10:49 GMT

  I've been fiddling with generating a three-column site with Forrest 
using the template system.  I have most everything working as Diwaker's 
template uses two columns, one for navigation and one for content.  It's 
an excellent template that works for the rest of the site.  It's just 
now what I'd like for the front page.

  Is anyone would be willing to help me through the process of making 
this work properly?  The original site that I'm trying to emulate is:, the new site is

  Essentially, I'd like the third column flush against the header.  I 
think it'll work if I can convince Forrest to place that column in its 
own <div id="rightbar">.  Unfortunately since it's part of the source 
file, it's part of <div id="content">.  I looked briefly at writing a 
new contract but I don't know enough about them to know if that's even a 
valid approach.


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