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From Cyriaque Dupoirieux <>
Subject Re: forms in Forrest
Date Wed, 27 Jul 2005 07:38:46 GMT
Ross Gardler a écrit :

> Glen Tulin wrote:
>> What's the recommended way to implement simple forms in the
>> Forrest-generated web site? "Simple" means no Cocoon continuation / no
>> sophisticated page flow. Any examples available? 
> No examples online, but you can use normal HTML forms. See 
>> Also, on the receiving
>> request from a form I'd like to send email - how can I do it (besides 
>> Cocoon
>> action and Java mail).
> Using the Cocoon mail facilities is the only sensible option in my 
> book. However, you could, of course, pass the results to any script 
> you wanted and have the result skinned by Forrest usig the same 
> technique as a above.

Just a remark, my personal site is managed by
And - it is not an exception - I cannot use the mail command for my site 
to avoid spam creation.
But they explain in their site how we can do to send the result of an 
HTML form by mail.
I did exactly what they say : create a form in a directory and create a 
result page obligatory called result.html and located in the same 
I created these pages with forrest and everything is OK.


> Ross

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