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From Mickael Remond <>
Subject Re: Problem with site.xml and menu for hidden items
Date Tue, 26 Jul 2005 12:35:10 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> I missed the first part of this thread. Can you please explain why you 
> want to have items in your navigation tree with no label, it seems kind 
> of useless since no one will be able to see the navigation link and 
> therefore will not be able to use it.

I would like to avoid generating very long or very deep menu, that's why 
I would like to hide menu elements. The links to those documents are not 
included in the menu, but directly inside some of the documents managed 
by the site.
So why include those document inside the site.xml file should you ask ? 
Because, that's the only way I found to have the menu render properly. 
If you load a file which is not defined in the site.xml, then the 
complete menu is shown and not only the relevant sublevel.

An illustration of the problem can for example be tested here:
This document content two sublevels documents that I would like to keep 
hidden in the menu. However, if you click on one of them, the complete 
menu for all the site is shown.

> Perhaps if we better understood your use case we could help.

I hope I managed to express more clearly my problem.

Thank you !

Mickaël Rémond

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