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From Maurice Lanselle <>
Subject Wiki integration
Date Sat, 09 Jul 2005 11:31:55 GMT
I tried to link to DokuWiki, a php Wiki with plain text storage (not 
MySQL), from Forrest. 

I put it under \src\documentation\content\dokuwiki

and linked to it with a tab:       <tab id="wiki" label="DokuWiki" 
href="dokuwiki/index.php" />

This sorta worked, but probably is not the *right* way to do it.
1) in "forrest run" mode, the page is not found (at 
2) when I build, it works fine, but...
3) all the wiki content I add or change goes in the "built" site's 
subdirectory. "forrest clean" wipes it out (I realized too late)!!

Ideally, I would like to leave the subdirectory where it is so that 
Forrest provides my site homepage, and I can build locally, update via 
ftp, and synchronize the wiki portion by ftp in either direction as well 
(so wiki content can be added at my host, by others remotely, not just 
by me locally).

a) Is it possible to "protect" a branch in the built site?  Or,
b) Must I lock the wiki and replicate its content from the "live" site 
to "\src\documentation\content\dokuwiki\" each time before I rebuild?
c) Is there an even better way to go?  My ISP provides php, but not much 
else, so my options for wiki/remote-authoring are limited.

Any clues will be appreciated.

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