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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: question about differences between versions of forrest
Date Wed, 20 Jul 2005 07:08:56 GMT
David, the main thing that you need to do is to
upgrade your configuration files (e.g. skinconf, etc.)
following the upgrade instructions. This will mean
that you cannot then build it with 0.5.1

Diwaker Gupta wrote:
> Paterline, David L. wrote:
> > I have been trying to recreate a web site previously created by someone who
> > has left the company, and in doing so, noticed differences between the
> > appearance of the site when generated by different versions of Forrest. I'd
> > like to know if this is to be expected, or whether I have something wrong
> > in my installation of Forrest.
> There have certainly been *numerous* changes between 0.5 and 0.7, both under 
> the hood as well has externally. The Forrest team tries to make it as easy as 
> possible for users to migrate to newer versions (keep backward compatibility 
> where possible, provide an easy upgrade path otherwise, keep changes user 
> visible interfaces minimal etc). However, since Forrest is still far from 1.0 
> release, you should be prepared for some changes specially if you're jumping 
> 2 minor versions :-)
> > The site was originally created by Forrest 0.5.1. I'm using the latest
> > version, Forrest 0.7, in my latest builds. I couldn't understand why my
> > latest build appeared differently, so I've built the site using the two
> > versions of Forrest. I used Forrest 0.5.1 in the first build, and Forrest
> > 0.7 in the next. I'm running both builds on Windows XP.
> It would be extremely valuable if you could make these two sites (or some 
> sample output from Forrest) available (online or otherwise) -- it'll be much 
> easier to help diagnose your issues that way.

Please do the config upgrade first, it will solve many of your

> > - with Forrest 0.7, the PDF files contents are not centered in the file,
> > they butt against the left edge of the 'page'
> Could you send sample files please?

However, not as attachments to the mailing list - use the
Jira issue tracker if you need to send something, or put
them on your own website and give us URLs.

> > - with Forrest 0.7, I get a lot of error messages like "BROKEN: No pipeline
> > matched request: rpa_docs/RPA_User_Note_2.doc" that don't appear in the
> > Forrest 0.5.1 log
> This is probably because you were a) using a custom sitemap; b) using an input 
> plugin that has not been enabled currently (see

I think that this will be a result of the change in the
way that "raw unprocessed content" is delivered. Again
please see the upgrade notes.

Actually i would like to know how you managed to miss the
instructions about the upgrade notes. Do we need to make
that more obvious?


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