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From "Grandia, Gerco" <>
Subject RE: Unrecognized file format
Date Tue, 07 Jun 2005 11:29:14 GMT
>Grandia, Gerco wrote:
>> I have tried some other things and the results of that made me think 
>> this problem actually does have anything to do with the the
>> stylesheets. I am positive that it is not related to the content 
>> itself,
>> because:
>> - When I copy the 'corrupt' file and link to it, it works flawless.
>> - When I rename the 'corrupt' file, and alter the link, it works 
>> flawless as well.
>> So the workaround for now is to change the file names, albeit a bit
>> a poor mens solution.
>Change them from what to what?
E.g. from downloads.xml to downloads1.xml

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