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From Rasik Pandey <>
Subject Re: pagination in forrest 0.7
Date Fri, 24 Jun 2005 00:27:37 GMT
Hi Ross,

> If you mean having one document create x separate pages in the web site
> then you will need to create a custom skin and do your pagination in there.

Yes that is what i was aiming to express.

> With respect to your "page navigation header+footer around the body
> content" do you mean a table of contents? See
> for an example?

I am not sure if it is feasible or desirable for general forrest
usage, but basically I want to be able to, in skinconf.xml, do
something like:

<toc location="page" max-depth="1" min-sections="10"
max-sections="20"  page-navigation-location="menu | bodyHeaderFooter"/>

In this scenarios, if a document has more than 20 sections, let's say
60, then three html pages (with 20 toc entries) would be generated
with links to the other pages in the menu or in a body subHeader and
subFooter in a structure like:

-pageNavigationBodyHeader - PAGE 1 --> page 2 --> page 3
(upper-case=current page)
-TOC (20 items)
-Sections(20 items)
-pageNavigationBodyFooter - PAGE 1 --> page 2 --> page 3

I would be glad to customize a skin or skins and contribute this work
if you find that it sounds useful to the larger community, but I would
need a little direction from you and maybe the other developers about
where and how to add such functionality.


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