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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: forrest 0.7 automatic plug-in download problem
Date Tue, 28 Jun 2005 15:19:10 GMT
Petr Pošík wrote:

>>What we could do is create a separate bundle of all the ASF 
>>plugins so that you could download them in one go. Would this help?
> Yes, I think this would be very helpful.

OK, that is noted, it wouldn't be a bad idea to add it to our issue 
tracker so we do not forget.

> :-) With "users without internet connection" I mean such people which are
> able to download the forrest instalation archive, but then turn off the
> connection or leave their workplace to create their own personal almost
> static sites at home. They unzip downloaded archive and ... "wow, it does
> not work. Oh, it seems I had to be connected to the internet. OK, forrest is
> not the right product for me because I want to work with it at home, in my
> sparetime. OK, I will search another similar tool which allows me to do
> so..."

Yes, I see your point. I will update the error message to make it clear 
that Forrest only needs to be online for the first (and only first) 
execution. It is probably also noting in the installation docs that if 
you are trying to work offline you must first install the required 
plugins whilst online (or download the proposed plugin collection).

One last thing worth noting is that Forrest does bundle the one plugin 
that is required by the seed site used to create a new site. So in 
actual fact you don't need to download any plugins to make it work first 

In other words, the problem seems to be with the documentation, not with 
Forrest itself.

> Thanks for the immediate responses... developers of other applications are
> not usually so fast!  :-))

I'm in a "bitty" mood today, so I'm avoiding doing any "real" work :-) 
Don't expect it every day, although we are proud of our responsiveness 
on these lists.


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