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From Addi <>
Subject Re: Css question
Date Fri, 24 Jun 2005 18:02:56 GMT
Ah.  Well I can't find the css either but I could find the 
transformation where base-selected and base-not-selected are brought in, 
which looks like it is part of the process for determining which tab 
gets which colors.  As for the tab look though, actually the tabs *do* 
use images.  The basic tab is just css color, but the rounded corners 
are small images that Forrest makes for you by using base svg "rounded 
corner" images, applying the correct colors and then converting into png 
images on the fly during the build.  If you look in 
build\site\skin\images you will see the png corner images (all starting 
with rc-).

You should probably read the HowTo on Tab Corners if you haven't already.

There are also a number of css tutorials on the net if you look for css 
rounded corners.  There are a few methods that folks employ, depending 
on situation and all of the ones that I have encountered have required 
at least a small image.


Mike Jackson wrote:

>Hmm, I don't get it, but then I don't do anything really complex in css.
>Anyhow, I see a reference to a style of "base-selected" within the href and
>a "current" in tne <li> for them tab menu.  I can't find "base-selected"
>anywhere in the static site except in html files here it's in use.  What I'm
>really interested in is seeing how the rounded corners are managed without
>using images.  I figure it has something to do with the css on the <li>.
>Here's the section of the generated html I'm looking at:
><ul id="tabs">
><li class="current">
><a class="base-selected" href="index.html">Home</a>
><a class="base-not-selected" href="samples/sample.html">Samples</a>
><a class="base-not-selected" href="">Apache XML
><a class="base-not-selected"
>mike jackson

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