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From Addi <>
Subject Re: Need help getting DocBook working
Date Fri, 10 Jun 2005 18:27:08 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:

> Addi wrote:
>> Ross Gardler wrote:
>>> Addi wrote:
> ...
>>>> In order to really make my pitch to my boss to use Forrest I need 
>>>> to be able to use WordPerfect docs with it.  WordPerfect does 
>>>> publish to XML, but using the DocBook DTD, not Simplified DocBook.
>>> First of all, have you tried just using the simplified-docbook 
>>> plugin? It will recognise the DTD and use the available stylesheets. 
>>> For a lrge number of docbook files this produces good results.
>> Yes, I did try the s-docbook plugin and I have s-docbook documents 
>> rendering fine with it, but I get nothing when I use a docbook DTD.  
>> I had peeked at the s-docbook plugin files and it *looked* like it 
>> would do what I wanted since input.xmap had the docbook DTDs and the 
>> xsl had book and chapter elements, so I tried that first but it 
>> didn't give me anything when I built the site.
> Verify that the documenttype output by WordPerfect is matched by the 
> simplified-docbook plugin. If the documenttype does not appear in the 
> list of recognised DTD's you will need to add it to the plugin. There 
> are a few examples in there already (see output.xmap)
Well then.  I had checked it before but this time I copied it from 
input.xmap and pasted and it worked.  I went back to look more closely 
and WP is missing one slash in the DTD.  They have -//OASIS/DTD DocBook 
XML V4.2//EN vs. -//OASIS*//*DTD DocBook XML V4.2//EN.  I have a call in 
to Corel asking them tell me how to hack WP to output the correct DTD.

Once I get the WP DTD sorted out, I will be golden but related to the 
serializer issue, I added the serializer to my project sitemap using the 
cocoon example.  I am testing this separately from the DTD/plugin 
solution above and now I am getting the page (yeah!) but in raw xhtml, 
not skinned.  Is this related to the 0.7 raw html discussion that has 
been going on (that I didn't really follow)?  I'm sorry that the whole 
process isn't really clear to me at this point so I have difficulty 
self-troubleshooting and I keep asking more questions everytime you answer.


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