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From Addi <>
Subject Re: Need help getting DocBook working
Date Fri, 10 Jun 2005 00:04:30 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:

> Addi wrote:
>> I'll preface this with the fact I do not understand sitemaps and 
>> while I have been trying to wrap my head around it for two days, I 
>> have way too much other stuff going on to figure them out beyond the 
>> basic concept.  In order to really make my pitch to my boss to use 
>> Forrest I need to be able to use WordPerfect docs with it.  
>> WordPerfect does publish to XML, but using the DocBook DTD, not 
>> Simplified DocBook.
> First of all, have you tried just using the simplified-docbook plugin? 
> It will recognise the DTD and use the available stylesheets. For a 
> lrge number of docbook files this produces good results.

Yes, I did try the s-docbook plugin and I have s-docbook documents 
rendering fine with it, but I get nothing when I use a docbook DTD.  I 
had peeked at the s-docbook plugin files and it *looked* like it would 
do what I wanted since input.xmap had the docbook DTDs and the xsl had 
book and chapter elements, so I tried that first but it didn't give me 
anything when I built the site.  (The DTD itself and the book and 
chapter elements are the only things in these files that are not 
s-docbook.)  If I change the DTD to simplified, change book to article 
and delete chapter elements, it renders fine. Any ideas on what to look 
at to figure out why s-docbook plugin isn't doing it for me?

>>  I tried following the faq 
>> ( about using 
>> DocBook but I don't really get it all.  I do have Norman Walsh's 
>> DocBook stylesheets and I put them into 
>> PROJECT_HOME\src\documentation\resources\stylesheets.

>> It fails at linkmap.html with a long bunch of treeprocessor stuff, 
>> and this BROKEN message:
>> URI not found: Type 'xhtml' does not exist for 'map:serialize' at 
>> file: PROJECT_HOME/src/documentation/sitemap.xmap:9:34        
>> You need to define the xhtml serializer used in <map:serialize 
>> type="xhtml"/> in the components section of the sitemap.
>> See 
>> for the elements you need to add to define this component. You can 
>> see examples in the FORREST_HOME/main/webapp/sitemap.xmap
Excellent, thanks for that. Looks simple enough.

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