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From Addi <>
Subject Re: Pelt skin details
Date Thu, 09 Jun 2005 18:39:11 GMT
Maurice Lanselle wrote:

> One more detail, also on the menu: the background-color on selected 
> menu items. This "bold black on light blue" does not seem to be 
> defined in the css:
> #menu .menupagetitle {
>        padding: 0px 0px 0px 6px;
>        font-style : normal;
>        border-style: solid;
>        border-width: 1px;
>        margin-right: 10px;
> }
> I would like to make it better match the rest of my color scheme.  It 
> is not horrible, but could be better.

The colors for the toolbox are in profile.css (two separate lines about 
15 lines apart).

#menu .menupagetitle  { background-color: #12306C;}
#menu .menupagetitle  { color: #000000;}

That "selected menu items" box (menupagetitle) is referred to as the 
toolbox in skinconf.xml.  Currently pelt's skinconf only has the 
background color (color name="toolbox") . If you are using 0.7-dev, I 
have a patch ( that adds 
the toolbox font to the skinconf for color group: Forrest so you can 
just change them there without mucking in the css directly if you use 
that color group.

I originally hacked away at the css files to get the colors I needed but 
then I figured out how to use the skinconf file to set everything except 
the toolbox font and then did the patch so that I don't need to edit any 
css files for my color scheme.  (I do still edit the css to position the 
logo images the way I want with no searchbox to push the float:right to 
the left.)


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