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From Cyriaque Dupoirieux <>
Subject Re: Problems with menus and menuitems in one menu
Date Wed, 08 Jun 2005 10:38:47 GMT
J. Hereth Correia a écrit :

>as this my first mail to the mailing list, a short introduction: Looking
>for a good tool for my new homepage I came across forrest and liked both
>the basic idea (similar to xweb ( which I
>considered before) and the quite advanced features. Using forrest 0.5.1
>I created a first website which I used until recently. When asked to
>create a website for a software project (, nothing there
>yet) I found that some details of the configuration changed from 0.5.1
>to 0.6. Noticing further that more changes are to come with the step
>from 0.6 to 0.7 I decided to try 0.7-dev. If any of my problems stem
>from using the development verstion, please tell me so. However, I was
>not able to find any bug report or todo item concerning the difficulties
>I encountered (then again, I am probably looking for the wrong
>keywords). For testing I use the pelt skin, another one derived from
>I have some practical experience with Java, XML/XSLT and CSS. However,
>as forrest brings all of those together I find it difficult to find out
>where exactly the issue I want to solve comes from. Any hints on good
>tools to track down CSS and XSLT issues are welcome.
>Here the problem: (menus and menu-entries in the same menu)
>A sketch of my site.xml:
><site tab="">
>   <subcat label="Subcat" href="subcat/">
>     <entry1 label="Entry1" href="entry1.html" tab="subcat"/>
>     <entry2 label="Entry2" href="entry2.html" tab="subcat"/>
>   </subcat>
>   <contact label="Contact" href=""/>
Try something like this :

<site tab="home">
	<home label="Home" tab="home">
	   <subcat label="Subcat" href="subcat/">
	     <entry1 label="Entry1" href="entry1.html"/>
	     <entry2 label="Entry2" href="entry2.html"/>
	   <contact label="Contact" href="contact.html"/>
	<subcat label="Subcat" tab="subcat" href="subcat/">
	     <entry1 label="Entry1" href="entry1.html"/>
	     <entry2 label="Entry2" href="entry2.html"/>

>Using a tabs.xml like
>  <tab id="" label="Main" dir=""/>
>  <tab id="subcat" label="Subcat" dir="subcat"/>
You tabs.xml seems good...

>What I expected were two menus like this:
>    |-Subcat
>    +Contact
>(with "Subcat" and "Contact" being clickable, changing two the
>corresponding subcategory/contact page) and
>      |-Entry1
>      +Entry2
>However, I get
>    |-Subcat+
>            |-Entry1
>            +-Entry2
>(having Subcat as a dynamic menu, but not linked to the subcategory) and
>      +-Subcat+
>              |-Entry1
>              +-Entry2
>(duplicating unnecessarily the "Subcat" label).
>Can please anyone tell me how to change the menus?
>Thanks in advance,
>PS: Another problem were the <credits>-Tags. Not having them,
>common/skinconf.xsl inserted a credit for Apache Forrest. However, the
>comment in skinconf.xml says "Comment out the whole <credit>-element if
>you want no credits in the web pages".
At the moment, the credits are only displayed in the index.html page - 
it is hard coded in skins but the problem is known...
You don't have this page...


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