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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Sitemap dot xmap editing
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2005 17:47:44 GMT
Maurice Lanselle wrote:
> Ross Gardler said the following on 06/06/2005 16:15:
>> Maurice Lanselle wrote:
>>> I am trying to integrate another content type, one based on a 
>>> published document schema from a standards association ( 
>> It would be better to do this as a plugin as it would be useful to a 
>> wider community. Are you using 0.7? If not you cannot build it as a 
>> plugin. I would recomend changing to 0.7 (it is stable enough being 
>> very close to a release).
>> Building a plugin is really easy, see 
> I've just now read the docs on plugins you pointed to, and I understand 
> why you recommend that route.  For various personal reasons, I'm waiting 
> for 0.7 distribution, and am not in a position to build from sources 
> myself. But it seems like my resume2document.xsl stylesheet could be 
> reused in an input plugin later without making changes, just packaging 
> it.  Is that not true?



>> However, you should avoid limiting the URL space of your application 
>> by requiring a given file type to have a given filename or path. This 
>> can result in false matches. You should use the SourceTypeResolver, 
>> for an example of how see 

>> for an example of how to do this.
> I totally buy your point about not requiring a document type to have a 
> given file name or path.  Since I'm trying to use or produce xml files 
> which have the ".xml" extension rather than something more distinctive, 
> I would like Forrest to choose the stylesheet on the basis of the 
> doctype, perhaps using a catalog (like for resolving DTDs...why not 
> catalogs for xsl?).  It looks like that is what happens in the 
> <map:resources> group in the example you pointed me to (below).  My 
> first attempt to *bend* it to my purpose failed, however: "Type 
> 'sourcetype' does not exist for 'map:pipeline' at..." when I replaced

You need to copy the section that defines the sourcetype component too 
(see <map:components>) in the above linked sitemap.


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