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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Forrest Example Sites
Date Thu, 02 Jun 2005 04:40:47 GMT
Claudia K?nnecke wrote:
> First of all thanks for the praise - we feel flattered :)
> We see no problem in sharing our skin-code, but beware - we had to bend 
> some rules in certain areas (e.g. changing stuff in skins/common/xslt) 
> to achieve what we wanted. There possibly are ways to prevent these 
> changes (especially in the 0.7 codebase - which we haven't looked at yet).
> We started the website in December 2004 where documentation was rather 
> sparse and spent a lot of time learning things the hard way so possibly 
> not all of our solutions are 'by the book'.
> Our skin is based on the 'pelt' skin codebase which was mercilessly 
> ripped apart where we felt the need to do so. We dropped support for 
> things we didn't need (e.g. project/group logos, collapseable menues, 
> etc.) and changed the layout of the top-strip.
> So if this hasn't scared you yet, please contact us on how we may give 
> back to the community.

Lets take it gradually. With those changes that you say you
needed to make to the "common" section, if there are any
that you can contribute, then that would make it easier
for your updating later.

However as Ross indicated in another thread, the skin system
is designed to be able to over-ride xsl templates in the
"common" with templates in the skin. There are many examples
of this in the existing skins.


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