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From "Grandia, Gerco" <>
Subject RE: Unrecognized file format
Date Fri, 27 May 2005 10:36:05 GMT
>Grandia, Gerco wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>> We're using Forrest for a couple of months now and we're quite happy 
>> with it, but lately we're getting 'Unrecognized file format' 
>> exceptions when retrieving certain pages. These pages work fine when
>> am using the in-built forrest web server, but on the production
>> (with Tomcat) it keeps on bugging me. I have searched the internet
>> found very little information about this, although it seems a common
>> Sorry if I am posting a Cocoon question here, but even if the only
>> to solve it is to upgrade to a newer version of Cocoon, then I still 
>> would like now how to do it, because the upgrade procedure described 
>> is Unix/Linux based and we are working on a Windows box.
>We are going to need much more information that this.
>Most importantly are you serving the site statically or dynamically?
>(I assume dynamic since you mention Tomcat)
>In addition it would help to know:
>What kind of files are they?
>What are they generated from?
>Do you have any special processing on your system (i.e. a custom
Thanks for your time.

1) Yes, we are serving the site dynamically.
2) The files are plain (xml) text files (xdoc), according to
3) I do not understand the 'what are they generated from' but I guess
you mean which editor we are using. In that case: Eclipse.
4) Yes, but the page giving problems is not using them.


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