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From Tim Williams <>
Subject Re: How to Try Currently Useable Skins?
Date Thu, 26 May 2005 21:55:00 GMT
> The sections in skinconf do not relate to a specific skin. They are used
> to create the CSS. The included sections are provided as examples.
> If you want to experiment with the colours for tigris (for example)
> simple look at the class names you want to affect and add an appropriate
> entry to skinconf.

Is the following technically accurate as a proposed comment update for
skinconf.xml?  I also moved the "Forrest" section of colors to the top
of the block because having a "named" skin at the top was initially
misleading to me.  Anyway, just a thought.
  		These values are used for the generated CSS files.  They
essentially "override" the colors defined in your project's skin.
  		There are four duplicate "sections" of colors below denoted by
comments:  Forrest, Krysalis, Collabnet, and Lenya using Pelt.  They
  		provided for example only.  To customize the colors of any skin
you choose simply uncomment the color element relating to the class
you want to override in the skin and change the appropriate values.

  <!-- Forrest -->
    <color name="header"    value="#294563"/>

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