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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: How to Try Currently Useable Skins?
Date Thu, 26 May 2005 20:07:59 GMT
Maurice Lanselle wrote:
> I am learning to use Forrest v0.6.  I am very confused by the 
> information on changing skins and skin properties, and I think there may 
> be issues.

Yes, this is true, we welcome patches for improvements once you 
understand things. Right now I'll try and help you get through the 
inadequate docs.

> I would like to simply:
> 1) Try the available skins, to see how they look and how they vary so I 
> can choose my favorite.

edit the file to set to the name of the 
skin you want to use.


forrest site
(as is correctly suggested later in this thread by Tim Williams)

> 2) Customize the colors of the chosen skin.
> This is not as simple or successful as I expected.  There seems to be 
> inconsistent information on what skins are currently useable, and also 
> the inclusion of their color tags in skinconf.xml.
> a) The "available-skins" command gives out-of-date information : "crust, 
> pelt, tigris"

We only actively support pelt. All other skins are either in development 
or deprecated, although some are still usable (you can find out what 
they are by looking in the skins directory of the distribution).

You comment above indicates that the list provided by availabl-skins is 
out of date, please raise an issue for us so we can remember to fix it 
for the upcoming 0.7 release.

> b) When I asked for "crust" (no longer exists), the handler chooses a 
> deprecated skin : "krysalis-site" , which in turn provokes a warning and 
> a recommendation to use "pelt".

It should default to pelt, please add an issue about this too.

> c) skinconf.xml has color tags for "krysalis", "Forrest", "Collabnet", 
> "Lenya using pelt", but these are all either deprecated or not mentioned 
> in the available and defaults lists. So how would I change the colors 
> for, say, tigris (which does work for me)? How could I (easily) obtain 
> the color tags to use the correct names and know the initial settings?

The sections in skinconf do not relate to a specific skin. They are used 
to create the CSS. The included sections are provided as examples.

If you want to experiment with the colours for tigris (for example) 
simple look at the class names you want to affect and add an appropriate 
entry to skinconf.

> Also confusing for me, at [] in 
> the body it lists
> 0.6 - the current release
> 0.7 - the current development version
> but in the menu under "Other>Overview" it lists
> - 0.8-dev
> - 0.7 (current)
> - 0.6

Oooopa, this is a result of us being in the middle of preparing for the 
0.7 release (which is currently development).

Thanks for taking the time to highlight confusions with our docs. One of 
the hardest things for us to do is write docs that are useful to the 
newcomer. We have all been using Forrest for quite some time and don't 
often have to think about these issues. Your feedback is important.

It would be really useful, both to the devs and to subsequent newbies if 
you could provide a patch or suggested improvement to the docs as an 
issue once you fully grasp what we try to explain here. We'll happilly 
apply your improvements.


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