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From Maurice Lanselle <>
Subject How to Try Currently Useable Skins?
Date Thu, 26 May 2005 10:57:30 GMT
I am learning to use Forrest v0.6.  I am very confused by the 
information on changing skins and skin properties, and I think there may 
be issues. I would like to simply:
1) Try the available skins, to see how they look and how they vary so I 
can choose my favorite.
2) Customize the colors of the chosen skin.

This is not as simple or successful as I expected.  There seems to be 
inconsistent information on what skins are currently useable, and also 
the inclusion of their color tags in skinconf.xml.
a) The "available-skins" command gives out-of-date information : "crust, 
pelt, tigris"
b) When I asked for "crust" (no longer exists), the handler chooses a 
deprecated skin : "krysalis-site" , which in turn provokes a warning and 
a recommendation to use "pelt".
c) skinconf.xml has color tags for "krysalis", "Forrest", "Collabnet", 
"Lenya using pelt", but these are all either deprecated or not mentioned 
in the available and defaults lists. So how would I change the colors 
for, say, tigris (which does work for me)? How could I (easily) obtain 
the color tags to use the correct names and know the initial settings?


Docs I consulted :

- In the doc at it 
says to "edit the file to set or some other skin name." and provides a link to
- a list of default skins []: 
pelt, leather-dev, tigris, and plain-dev. It says "krysalis-site" and 
"forrest-site" are old and deprecated.
- On the page Skin packages 
[], it says "To see the 
names of the remote skins: forrest available-skins". 

Also confusing for me, at [] in 
the body it lists
0.6 - the current release
0.7 - the current development version

but in the menu under "Other>Overview" it lists
- 0.8-dev
- 0.7 (current)
- 0.6

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