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From Addi <>
Subject Re: App vs Data
Date Fri, 20 May 2005 13:25:30 GMT
I am planning on working on beginner, step by step type documentation 
over time (as I learn the answers to my own questions).  I was wondering 
if it would be OK to start a new issue in JIRA for an improvement in 
docs on this.  That way, as people see problems that new users are 
having in the lists, we can add them to the list of those issues in JIRA 
to make it easier to keep track of it.  Is that appropriate or is there 
another system set up for something like this?  I feel that keeping my 
own scratchpad of issues is not terribly efficient, since I don't know 
all the issues and it would suck for myself and someone else to be 
writing docs on the same issue at the same time, thereby wasting 
someone's time.

What do you all recommend/already have in place?


Ross Gardler wrote:

> Tim Williams wrote:
>> Embarrassingly enough, I was having a difficult time understanding the
>> much simpler multiple statically built sites with one Forrest.  Ross'
>> answer was helpful and I think my problem was that I never created a
>> subdirectory to do the seed in so that I had a single "src" at a
>> higher level than it should have been.  Having the "mkdir->cd->forrest
>> see" and maybe a little explanation of having "multiple sites" would
>> be helpful somewhere.
> We would love a patch for the docs making this clearer, sometimes we 
> forget these critical points that are less obvious than we assume them 
> to be.
> Ross

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