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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Problem with menu links
Date Wed, 18 May 2005 18:41:04 GMT
Addi wrote:
> Hello all,
> I started testing out OOo files today and am having trouble with the 
> menu links to them.  I am just doing static generation right now with 
> Forrest 0.6 on WinXP.
> Here's my process:
> - Create a directory called "formats" in ..\src\documentation\content\xdocs
> -Create 2 files (one OOo .xml and one OOo .sxw) and save into formats 
> folder

There is no need to creatre the XML file, Forrest does the conversions 

> - Copy the samples\openoffice-writer.sxw file into formats folder
> - Edit site.xml suchly:
>  <formats label="Formats" href="formats/" tab="formats">
>    <oo-docbook label="OOo DocBook" href="TestDBk.html" description="A 
> OOo DocBook Test"/>
>    <oo-writer label="OOo Writer" href="openoffice-writer.html" 
> description="A OOo Writer Test"/>
>    <oo-text label="OOo Text" href="TestOOo.html" description="A OOo Text 
> Test" />
>  </formats>
> - Edit tabs.xml suchly:
>  <tab id="formats" label="Formats" dir="formats" indexfile="Test-DBk.html">
>    <tab id="openofficetext" label="Open Office Text" dir="formats" 
> indexfile="openoffice-writer.html"/>
>    <tab id="ootext" label="OOo Text" dir="formats" 
> indexfile="Test-OOo.html"/>
>  </tab>
> Run forrest
> When I go to look at the site, here's what happens:
> I click the Formats tab and I get the TestDbk.html file properly.
> I click on the Menu item - OOo DocBook and I get an error stating that 
> whole/path/to/TestDBk.html cannot be found.

The name of the file in tabs is Test-Dbk.html which is different from 
the one in site.xml (TestDbk.html). Since it works in tabs then I guess 
that is the reason site.xml doesn't.

> Same happens for the Menu item - OOo Text (TestOOo.html).

You do not mention a TestOOo.* file. What do you have and where is it?


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