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From Addi <>
Subject Problem with menu links
Date Wed, 18 May 2005 15:57:18 GMT
Hello all,

I started testing out OOo files today and am having trouble with the 
menu links to them.  I am just doing static generation right now with 
Forrest 0.6 on WinXP.

Here's my process:
- Create a directory called "formats" in ..\src\documentation\content\xdocs
-Create 2 files (one OOo .xml and one OOo .sxw) and save into formats folder
- Copy the samples\openoffice-writer.sxw file into formats folder
- Edit site.xml suchly:
  <formats label="Formats" href="formats/" tab="formats">
    <oo-docbook label="OOo DocBook" href="TestDBk.html" description="A 
OOo DocBook Test"/>
    <oo-writer label="OOo Writer" href="openoffice-writer.html" 
description="A OOo Writer Test"/>
    <oo-text label="OOo Text" href="TestOOo.html" description="A OOo 
Text Test" />
- Edit tabs.xml suchly:
  <tab id="formats" label="Formats" dir="formats" indexfile="Test-DBk.html">
    <tab id="openofficetext" label="Open Office Text" dir="formats" 
    <tab id="ootext" label="OOo Text" dir="formats" 
Run forrest

When I go to look at the site, here's what happens:
I click the Formats tab and I get the TestDbk.html file properly.
I click on the Menu item - OOo DocBook and I get an error stating that 
whole/path/to/TestDBk.html cannot be found.
Same happens for the Menu item - OOo Text (TestOOo.html).
The Menu item OOo Writer (the copied samples file) loads properly and 
looks fine.
(All the html and pdfs were created properly and can be opened directly 
from the site folder.)

I'm sure I'm missing something obvious.  Please direct me.  Thanks.

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