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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Idiot's guide
Date Tue, 17 May 2005 20:58:45 GMT wrote:
> I have found that the documentation is not very good for a total noob 
> like me.  

Yes, we admit it :-(

> There are certain assumptions made and gaps that I have had to 
> work through.  I really do like the concept of this project though so I 
> have been patiently screwing stuff up and fixing it to get the hang of 
> it all.

Sounds like we need to keep you around :-))

> I've started taking notes on the things that I messed up or 
> felt the need to guess. I would like to either create or contribute to 
> an existing beginners documentation that is really down on the level of 
> an idiot's guide, step-by-step (like "Where should I unzip the file?" - 
> I knew this, but you get the idea).

This would be useful.

> I am much more knowledgeable about html, css and php then 
> I am about the windows OS.

Let me pick up on one of the things you said you *are* knowledgeable 
about CSS

We have some outstanding issues with our skin that need the attention of 
someone with CSS skills. Perhaps you could take a look. In particular I 
am thinking of:

If you think you have the CSS skills to tackle this but need to ask 
questions about Forrest then the dev list is the place to be. We'll 
point you at the right files/docs to get you going.

> Anyway, I am willing to help with newbie documentation in any way you 
> see useful.  Please let me know where to go, who to get in touch with.

There are many ways you can help in addition to the CSS issues above.

1) stay subscribed to this list and as you knowledge grows help us 
respond to user questions

2) join the dev list where we discuss all issues to do with the 
development of Forrest (including docs).

3) do as you are doing, take notes of the pitfalls you find, if the 
notes are not enough to form a Howto or a document on their own then 
consider adding them to our FAQ.

(please do not send HTML mails to our list, we prefer plain text - thanks)


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