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From Maurice Lanselle <>
Subject How to adjust logo width?
Date Tue, 03 May 2005 15:27:47 GMT
Question : How do I get my project name to fit into the logo?  Or, 
rather, the logo to contain my project name?  When I enter a longer name 
than MyGroup in skinconf, it gets centered and truncated to fit in the 
(always 65 x 220) generated png file.  Example :

  <!-- optional group logo
       default skin: renders it at the top-left corner -->
  <group-description>A Town Nearby</group-description>

appears as "erschaeffolshe" (which isn't even exactly the middle!).
Same happens for the <project-name>.  This does not seem to be a css 
setting, but rather something *assumed* when the png are generated.

Answer : change the parameters in  
"src\documentation\content\images\project.svg", "group.svg" or both:

<svg ... width="220" height="65" >
<svg ...      width="400" height="55" >
works in this case.

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